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We are able to offer a very wide range of fabrics, from the functional sportswear fabrics and any type of bonded fabrics, to sophisticated blends with lyocel, wool or silk.

All our fabrics are manufactured in Portugal and are dyed and finished according to the strict norms of Oeko-Tex, by whom we are certified since 2011.

All over rotary and digital printing are done internally. Dimensional stability, twisting, colour fastness and pilling are a few of the tests our fabrics are subject to before passing on to the next stage of production.

Our cutting department is equipped with a CAD system that allows us to digitally correct, adjust, transform and grade the first patterns before going into production.

Small runs of production may be done internally but larger quantities are sent to our sewing subcontractors, all within a range of 50 miles.

We keep a very close relationship with our subcontractors, visiting them on daily basis, making sure the garment assembling flows according to the technical specifications.

Our printer and embroidery partners are located n a range of 5 miles from us which allow us to keep a close eye on the printing and embroidering as well.

We can purchase all embellishments, trims and accessories, and we supervise the labels distribution strictly according to the needs.

All the garments are controlled, ironed, folded and packed internally, the shipment is prepared and leaves from our premises, which enables us to control exactly what is sent out to our customers.

We are capable of shipping our customers’ productions separately to their own customers, if necessary.