Style, research, creativity, quality.

These are the words that resume the fashion business philosophy of the Bergand Group.

Since our foundation, our aim as a company is to make sure that we can offer our clients, at any time, products of highest quality level. Especially in Fashion wear made with knit, we can ensure our costumer a high grade of quality due to our experience, constantly creation of new designs, developing new materials and continuous implementation of new technologies.

Prompt and flexible responses to new needs, focusing in research and development based on the ultimate technology which leads to our goal of achieving high quality and innovative products… these are the Bergand principles.


BERGAND has the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients from the small start-up business, to worldwide recognized companies. Our extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge of the garment process has afforded us the opportunity to provide the best assistance and guidance to businesses of all apparel active areas. We have committed ourselves to offering the highest level of construction of active apparel in the industry. Our attention to detail, quality and timely delivery has earned us a distinct reputation within this industry. We are proud suppliers of international yoga, climbing, running and cycling brands.


It was only logical to follow the natural evolution of our business strategy, therefore the next move would be to explore the swimwear world. Taking advantage of all the expertise already acquired, such as the deep knowledge of polyamide/elastane fabrics with acid digital printing and challenging our highly experienced professionals who know exactly how to handle this type of materials, we finally dared our devoted commercial team to excel once more by attending the best tradeshows in the business and work our way through to finding our place in the market. We are excited to say that we are producing the finest swimwear for both men and women brands using our combined resources of digital printing and bonding which result great in sports as well as in fashion.


Uniforms and fashionable “Corporate Wear” made by BERGAND, allows the wearer to feel good, look professional and benefit from the high level of functionality.
BERGAND CORPORATEWEAR garments provide comfort; transport perspiration away from the body to the surface of the garment, and breathability.
Our garments cover a wide range from sports and leisure wear in mind for functionality and look, to works corporate wear which the appearance must be comfortable and functional, but also fashionable.

BERGAND CORPORATEWEAR are ideal for a wide range of technical applications and professional end users, including police officers, road maintenance workers, and infantry soldiers giving the advantages of durable fabric since the garment needs to be replaced less often because it can be used successfully, in a broad range of applications for many years.

BERGAND CORPORATEWEAR is a high-performance fabric that can help the performance of the people who wear it. Using LENZING and ADVANSA fibre technology we have developed different garments using COOLMAX; TERMOCOOL and TERMOCOOL with TENCEL, which allows to permits comfort in any situation.